Good Morning My Lovelies!! :)


Happy Thursday!!  Gettin’ alittle snow in central Wisconsin this morning! 

Pretty cloudy today & cold but we have our pellet stove going & my candles burning & I don’t have to get out in it today so I’m tucked away in my warm house for the day! 🙂

I had to share this lovely crochet sweater that would be perfect for the Spring!! I want to finish it soo bad! I have started it but can’t seem to get back to it!  Too many things going at once!  Have anyone else made this sweater?  If so, I’d love to see pics!



About Kathy's Krochet Nook

Hi! Welcome to my ramblings! I am a Mom of 3, Grandma of 2 & a crochet addict! :) I also am a tea addict, love my coffee & I am an introvert! :) I have a son in the National Guards who is now a sargeant, a daughter who lives nearby thank goodness! & another son who is into health & fitness, loves to body build & loves Chicago! I am thankful to have also gained a wonderful son & daughter in law! We live in the Heart of Wisconsin Northwoods in the little town of Rome! I love all of the seasons we experience here in Wisconsin but Winter can be alittlle too long!Come along with me & follow my day to day journey of ramblings, recipes, crochet creations, grandbabies, & more! Thank you for joining me! I hope you enjoy! Kathy xx

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  1. That is good you don’t have to get out today. It is cold here and snowing this morning and I’m curled up in my recliner crocheting a hat for my grandson. The sweater is beautiful. I am sure the one you are working on will be very pretty. What color are you making it in?


  2. Thank you dear Lisa! Sounds nice being curled up in your chair crocheting! That’s the best! 🙂 I am making this sweater in a light blue like this one….my favorite color is light blue! Enjoy your day Lisa! Thank you for being such awesome support of my Blog! 🙂


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