My Baby is Graduating!


Happy ‘Middle of the Week’ day! xx

I can’t believe my baby is graduating this wkend!  No more kids in school!  I am feeling a bit old! lol! Oh but I will be very glad to be done with the public school system!….our experience with them hasn’t always been the most wonderful so….I’m glad we’re done!  I have three children…22, 21 & our youngest, who is graduating, 18!  

And a big Congrats to any others out there who have kids that are graduating from high school!


Kathy xxImage



About Kathy's Krochet Nook

Hi! Welcome to my ramblings! I am a Mom of 3, Grandma of 2 & a crochet addict! :) I also am a tea addict, love my coffee & I am an introvert! :) I have a son in the National Guards who is now a sargeant, a daughter who lives nearby thank goodness! & another son who is into health & fitness, loves to body build & loves Chicago! I am thankful to have also gained a wonderful son & daughter in law! We live in the Heart of Wisconsin Northwoods in the little town of Rome! I love all of the seasons we experience here in Wisconsin but Winter can be alittlle too long!Come along with me & follow my day to day journey of ramblings, recipes, crochet creations, grandbabies, & more! Thank you for joining me! I hope you enjoy! Kathy xx

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