ImageHappy Saturday Sweet Friends! xx

Wishing you all a wonderful one! It is a lovely day here in Central Wisconsin!  In case ya’ll wonder where we live….we live in a place that’s alittle more laid back & relaxing without the hustle bustle of the city…..which my son says…in his words….’boring’! lol!  But we love it!  And deep down inside….I know he will always love to come back here!  He does love the big city tho’ & is currently waiting to hear about a job prospect in Chicago at an awesome fitness place & he is excited!  We also live where there’s lots of sand, pine trees & lakes so it’s a place we love!

I wanted to invite ya’ll to join my Newsletter mailing list!!  I just sent out the first ‘Test’ Newsletter so if you’d like to join, just comment below! I’m new to this so I’m still working on it & getting a ‘Subscribe’ tab!  My first newsletter is very basic so bear with me please! 🙂  But I promise!….it will get better! Lol!! I’d love your feedback so please let me know what you’d like to see in the newsletter!! You can email me also at & comment below! Thank you so much! xx

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

Kathy xx  Image


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