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Hi! Welcome to my ramblings! I am a Mom of 3, Grandma of 2 & a crochet addict! :) I also am a tea addict, love my coffee & I am an introvert! :) I have a son in the National Guards who is now a sargeant, a daughter who lives nearby thank goodness! & another son who is into health & fitness, loves to body build & loves Chicago! I am thankful to have also gained a wonderful son & daughter in law! We live in the Heart of Wisconsin Northwoods in the little town of Rome! I love all of the seasons we experience here in Wisconsin but Winter can be alittlle too long!Come along with me & follow my day to day journey of ramblings, recipes, crochet creations, grandbabies, & more! Thank you for joining me! I hope you enjoy! Kathy xx

Spring is Here!


Hello my dear Friends!

Spring is Here!! And I am loving it!  Today it is warm & sunny!!…High of 80 here in our little town of Rome!

Since we are working on possibly having an Antiques & Craft/Farmer’s Market Mall in a building that we own…..I have been working on some smaller items to sell!  I have been addicted to working on coasters!…..since they are so useful!….so pretty decorating your indoor or outdoor summer table & they make for wonderful handcrafted affordable gifts also!

Here are a few more that I have made!

Happy Spring Sweet Friends!! FullSizeRender (22)FullSizeRender (26)FullSizeRender (11)FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (23)FullSizeRender (21)






What have I been up to??!!


Hello my sweet friends!  What in the world have I been up to??!!  Life has been busy!! But a good busy!! I’ve been enjoying my two sweet granddaughters who are so precious!!

We plan on opening an Antiques & Craft Mall/Farmer’s Market on Saturdays only so I have been working on some items to sell!  I’ve been working on some coaster sets!  Here is my latest!

Can you believe it’s been a year??!!


Good Morning Sweet Friends!! I cannot believe it’s been a year since I have written on my blog!  It has been a very busy but wondeb3f5dc7b2f89a793053c0de89b5bcc6frful year!  I have been busy being a Grandma to two sweet little grandgirls!  Amelie Joan & Brooklyn Shay!  Amelie is 15 mnths. old & BrIMG_4006ooklyn is 7IMG_4015 mnths. old!  It is so much fun to watch them grow & learn!  There’s nothing better than being a Grandma!….when they fuss, we can give them back to Mom & Dad! 🙂

This time of year is so beautiful! Fall is one of my favorite seasons! Changing leaves, pumpkin & apple everything!….cozy fires, blankets, sweaters, chilly walks, hot apple cider, and so much more! 🙂

My crochet has gotten put aside a bit more as I’ve been having too much fun with my grandgirls!  But I do always have projects going!  I am currently working on an American Flag Afghan for my son who is in the National Guards!  Also, working on a poncho for myself & some baby blankets & a scarf!  I meet with my crochet group of ladies once a week at a coffee shop called Country Freckles!  So much fun!

Stay tuned for some yummy Fall recipes I want to share!  Have a wonderful Monday!  xo

Happy Day!   Kathy xo

October Already??!! :)


hello-october-2Hello my Dear Friends! I can hardly believe it’s October already! I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my blog!  Ya’ll probably thought I fell off the face of the earth! lol!….other than those who follow my fb pg.!  I am on there everyday!  I have not been so good at keeping up with my newsletters & my blog here! :/

Life has been busy!  Our new little grand daughter Amelie Joan born in June!  She’s been alittle blessing!  That made us first time grandparents!  And our second grandbaby on the way! Due in February! 🙂

I have also created a new fb pg. called Sharing Sunshine from my Home in Rome! I hope you stop by, become my fan & enjoy my pg!

Please remember to stop by my Etsy Shop anytime! Now is a good time to browse my shop for holiday gifts & for winter wear!  I hope you find something you love!

I love Fall!! It’s one of my favorite seasons!  Wish it were longer & winter alittle shorter! lol! 🙂  Today it is an absolutely beautiful Fall day here in Central Wisconsin! Sunny, breezy & just alittle cool, yet the sun is warm!

I hope you all have a wonderful Fall!  Check out this recipe below!  Looks soo good!….for breakfast with a cup of coffee!  Think I’ll just have to make it tomorrow! 🙂

Happy Fall My Friends!

Kathy xx






Good Morning & Happy Wednesday!!  .  T

I hope you are all enjoying your Summer!  It’s been beautiful days here in central Wisconsin, God’s country my husband calls it! 🙂  Today it is sunny, breezy & just the perfect temperature!  Loving it & soaking it all in after the cold, harsh winter we had last winter! :/

I want to tell you all about my Create-A-Tote program!  The link above will tell you alittle more about it!  You pick the color, style, size & adornment & I will create it for you!  I am currently working on a Create-A-Tote website so people can click or type in exactly what they’d like, pick & choose & than I will create it for them! And they will be able to purchase it right at the website.  Right now I am just starting out with 2 styles to get started…..I will add other basic styles once I get the website up & running for awhile!  I’ve gotten such good response & feedback from others on this!  I may, in the future, put together some tote kits for crocheters who may just want to purchase a kit.  I’ve gotten alot of compliments on the colors & adornments I put together which I am so appreciative of!  You are all so kind!  But some may want to just purchase a kit that I have put together!  All in the workings but if you would like to order now or know of someone who would, just let me know, you can email me at or comment below.  This will work for now until I have the website up & running!  Thank you so much & have an amazing day!!      Kathy xx

Empty Nest Syndrome


Good Morning My Dear Friends & Happy Monday! xx  Image

As I sit here this morning, drinking my coffee, the house so quiet, pondering the new stage my husband & I are coming into….it is an adjustment & something that is definitely going to take some time to get used to!  Our youngest son left yesterday to pursue new ventures!  And tho’ we are excited & happy for him, at the same time, there are many different emotions & thoughts!……’Where has the time gone?’!… did the kids grow up so fast?!’…….’Even tho’ our kids are grown & all starting their own little families & pursuing their dreams & we can’t all be together as often, will we still all stay close in heart?!’….’What will my husband & I do in the future, will we stay in our home we are in now, or will we sell & move closer to our kids someday?’…..all these thoughts going through my head!  We don’t know what the future holds but I do know that whatever stage we’re in…..we need to treasure every moment, every day, every experience, even if they’re hard because time is passing quickly & before you know it, another stage is behind! So, tho’ my husband & I have so many mixed emotions, we are going to just try & take the reins, go with the ride & enjoy every moment of it! I know that with every stage, comes many wonderful things too! We have been loving our new stage of being Grandma & Grandpa, first timers! 🙂  Our beautiful grand daughter was born to our oldest son & his lovely wife last month, little Amelie Joan & she is a little blessing!  So, I rise up, take hold & enjoy this moment & every moment!  

Wishing you a Happy Monday & a Wonderful Week!!  Kathy xx


My 2014 4th of July Tote! :)


Happy Tuesday My Amazing Friends! xx

I just wanted to share with you my 2014 4th of July Classic Tote I just completed! This tote is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop here  I love how it turned out! Each year I made 1 special 4th of July Tote!….so this is 2014 4th of July tote!….and I only make 1!  I can make other 4th of July totes but I don’t make another one exactly like this one! 

Also!….I wanted to share with you that we got the call this morning that our daughter-in-law is beginning her labor!!  So we may officially be G’ma & G’pa Ramsden by tonight or tomorrow!!  We are sooo excited!! We are first time Grandparents!

Wishing you all a lovely day!!

Kathy xxImageImage

Start your week right! :)


Happy Monday my Dear Friends! xx

I hope you all had a wonderful wkend!  We’ve had some beautiful weather now here in central Wisconsin & we are loving it!….and treasuring it after our bitter cold, harsh, snowy winter that we thought would never end! lol!

I wanted to share with you this morning a recipe that I often enjoy!  It starts the day out right!….starts the week out right! 🙂  I hope you enjoy this healthy, yummy, simple recipe!

Loaded Oatmeal

1 serv. steel cut oats (1/4 c.)  Handful of raisins.  Cook oats as directed.

Spoon cooked oatmeal into your bowl & add 1 t. flax seed, 1 t. chia seed, 1 T. hemp seed & a few chopped walnuts.  I also like to add alittle pure maple syrup & organic milk.  Stir & enjoy!  Sometimes I add blueberries, 1 T. peanut butter, pecans, dates.  There’s so much you can add to make oatmeal healthy & wonderful tasting!  Kathy xx




ImageHappy Saturday Sweet Friends! xx

Wishing you all a wonderful one! It is a lovely day here in Central Wisconsin!  In case ya’ll wonder where we live….we live in a place that’s alittle more laid back & relaxing without the hustle bustle of the city…..which my son says…in his words….’boring’! lol!  But we love it!  And deep down inside….I know he will always love to come back here!  He does love the big city tho’ & is currently waiting to hear about a job prospect in Chicago at an awesome fitness place & he is excited!  We also live where there’s lots of sand, pine trees & lakes so it’s a place we love!

I wanted to invite ya’ll to join my Newsletter mailing list!!  I just sent out the first ‘Test’ Newsletter so if you’d like to join, just comment below! I’m new to this so I’m still working on it & getting a ‘Subscribe’ tab!  My first newsletter is very basic so bear with me please! 🙂  But I promise!….it will get better! Lol!! I’d love your feedback so please let me know what you’d like to see in the newsletter!! You can email me also at & comment below! Thank you so much! xx

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

Kathy xx  Image

Hope You Stop By!…..


Goodnight my Dear Friends!

Just wanted to invite ya’ll to my other sites! I’m trying to work on getting tabs on my blog here for my Pinterest, FB, Etsy, etc….not sure how to do that but we’ll see!  Anyway, until than… are some of my other sites I hope you visit, follow & enjoy!  Thank you so much!  And now……off to Lalalalalala Land! ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz……….xx

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